The Autumn Edit

Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year in the shop! The flower table completely transforms with the arrival of deep raspberry hydrangeas, berries start to creep in and Eucalyptus returns after growing season. We have exciting delivery upon exciting delivery as new stock arrives and decorates our shop in gorgeous brown, cream & copper tones. New floral designs return in the shape of Autumn wreaths and Pumpkins. And finally there definitely as buzz in the air as the weather grows colder and the upcoming gifting season is on everyones mind!

Happy shopping & hello Autumn!

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Plant Decor!

We recommend all house plants are jazzed up with our ceramic plant signs and now you can add additional accessories with the arrival of these cute brass designs. Choose from an animal, a trio of fruit or plant awards!

September Bouquet of the Month

Each month we bring together our favourite seasonal blooms in a gorgeous bouquet.

September transitions into Autumn and our bouquet of the month celebrates this seasonal change with deep hydrangeas, hypericum berries, Astrantia, Astilbe and of course Eucalyptus which returns to the shop this month!

What's in Season?

Each month new flower species bloom and become the highlight of our flower table & our bouquet of the month. September introduces Hydrangea, Astilbe, Astrantia, Chrysanthemums, Antirrhinum and Hypericum berries. All starts to transition to deeper and more Autumnal tones which completely transforms our flower table!

Why not let us choose seasonal blooms for you?

Plant tip of the month

Your indoor house plants will need slightly less water as the months start to grow colder. If any window sills are particularly cold, then move your plants from here especially in the evenings. If you have any sunny spots then, pop them here instead so they can soak up as much of that late summer sun!

If your house plants are in need of a little more help, then why not browse our Plant Care section- The Perfecting Houseplant Mist is a popular choice!

What's happening in the garden?

As Autumn approaches, watch your garden start to transform again! Now is the time to plant your spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. You can also gather any ripe seeds from your favourite flowers this year and store in envelopes ready to sow in spring. Grass growth slows down so remember to raise the height of your mower blades.

Top Tip:

If you have a pond, now is the time to lay netting across to prevent any leaves from falling in. Autumn leaves make a great additions to compost bins so add any you collect in there!