A little note:

We will be closed from Sunday 9th June for our annual summer holiday! We will be back open with a full flower table on Tuesday 18th June. All product orders placed during this time will be dispatched upon re-opening.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Hello June!

Soft sunny evenings, happy house plants, pretty pink Peonies and the smell of Summer are all on the list as we say hello to jolly June!

We've had a busy start to the new month with some lovely new deliveries and a refresh of all our displays- a good sweep, dust and rearrange to showcase our favorite new pieces. Our sideboard is home to textured ceramic pots, handpainted floral candles, green glass mini vases and gardening gifts; and our bookcase is full of everything your house plants could ever need- watering globes to bug spray to plant awards!

A little note: Eucalyptus is nearing the end of its annual season so don't forget to stock up and let it dry beautifully till its return in September.

June Bouquet of the Month

Each month we bring together our favourite seasonal blooms in a gorgeous bouquet.

June brings softness and a cool colour pallet with fluffy Delphiniums, sweet scented Stocks, delicate Astilbe and of course, Peonies, in a blousy white which we will continue to adore!

What's in Season?

Each month new flower species bloom and become the highlight of our flower table & our bouquet of the month. Our June flower table showcases Peonies, Stocks, Delphiniums, Roses, Sweet Peas, Clematis and Eustoma. Eucalyptus and Ruscus are fully stocked in buckets underneath.

All of our flowers are available per stem for you to pop in a vase at home or for us to arrange into a bunch or bouquet. Why not let us choose seasonal blooms for you?

Plant tip of the month

With summer pending, house plants will awaken again and require a little love. Keep an eye on the position of the sun, moving your plants as necessary so they can catch some of those beautiful rays.

You may need to increase watering slightly as well as the temperature starts to incline- always do a quick soil check to make sure this is completely dry before watering again!

House plants bring us all so much joy and excitement when a new leaf peeps through so be sure to keep them happy & looking their best. Check out our Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray for the best looking leaves!

What's happening in the garden?

The garden is starting to come alive and what a wonder it is to see the buds bloom! This month: support tall growing perennials and tie in stems as they grow; cut back spring flowering perennials; trim fast growing hedges keeping a watchful eye out for any nesting birds; continue to water any new plantings until they are well established.

The birds will be busy raising their little one's so be sure to top up bird baths and pop some bird seed out when possible. Take a look at our Wrendale Designs Bird Tin- the most stylish accessory!