Hello February!

The most romantic month of the year has arrived so share a little love into the world, whether that be with your beloved, friends or yourself. Random Acts of Kindness day also falls in the middle of February this year so here's to celebrating with simple soft gestures all round!

Thank you for all your Valentine's orders, we hope your someone special loved their flowers! Our Mother's Day collection is now available for pre-order, and features three bouquet options, bunches, jars & our sweet teacup design.

January was a beautifully gentle month with lots of lovely bunches heading out the door, sweet scented candles and many house plants being lovingly re-homed. Thank you to all who shop with us, it's always a joy to see you!

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Mini cards have arrived!

Our new Mini Cards have been loved by so many of you so far! The sweetest illustrations in a peitite size, ready to be filled with messages to friends & loved ones. Browse the full collection and choose your favorite!

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February Bouquet of the Month

Each month we bring together our favourite seasonal blooms in a gorgeous bouquet.

February showcases a beautiful collection of Roses, Eustoma, Antirrhinum, Anemones and Stocks- all in romatic red, pink & white tones. Finished with stems of Eucalptus and wrapped in our signature brown paper, aqua pack and presentation giftbag.

What's in Season?

Each month new flower species bloom and become the highlight of our flower table & our bouquet of the month. Our February flower table showcases Eustoma and Roses in an array of colours, alongside a selection of beautiful spring flowers. Tulips, Stocks, Ranunculus, Anemones and Hyacinths, are all available in beautiful soft pastel tones. Eucalyptus and Ruscus are fully stocked in buckets underneath.

Why not let us choose seasonal blooms for you?

Plant tip of the month

This time of year, most house plants will be in a dormant period and require less frequent watering. The evenings in particular can become very cold, so be sure to move your house plants away from any cold windowsills during this time.

Now would be a great time to re-pot any of your house plants which are top heavy or pot bound. Carefully remove the plant from its current pot and loosen the roots. Remove any of the old potting mix and plant with new. Don't forget to pop a few stones at the bottom of the new plant pot to aid with water drainage.

What's happening in the garden?

February has arrived bringing brighter days, lighter evenings and an eagerness to get back in the garden. This month make sure to prune your winter blooming shrubs, Roses and Clematis in preparation for new blooms. Continue to prepare for the season ahead by checking your tools and supplies are ready & stocked and install bird houses in sheltered spots ready for the nesting season to begin.

A little joy...

Whilst we await the appearance of beautiful flowers in the garden, why not pick up a couple of spring bulbs from the shop. We have large Hyacinth bulbs in an array of colours available as well as mini spring bulbs for you to choose from.