Hello July!

Sweet summer is officially upon us and the warm rays are a welcome arrival. Outside is a haven of life with colourful wildflowers, green towering trees, winged friends and a buzz of excitement for the long evenings ahead.

Inside our little florist, we are happily celebrating new seasonal flowers including gorgeous hydrangeas which will be with us from July until the end of the year. We've also created four new bouquets each with a pretty pallet of joyful summertime colours to brighten homes and occasions.

If your days are full of gardening then take a look at our Wrendale Designs pieces- beautiful illustrations which feature on watering cans, seed tins, gardener's soap and gloves.

However you spend your July, we hope its bright & full of blooms.

July Bouquet of the Month

Each month we bring together our favourite seasonal blooms in a gorgeous bouquet.

July welcomes the arrival of lovingly awaited Hydrangeas and these look beautifulin a pretty soft pink. Snap dragons, Stocks, Eustoma and Campanula Bells in lemon and blush tones compliment perfectly.

What's in Season?

Each month new flower species bloom and become the highlight of our flower table & our bouquet of the month. Our July flower table showcases Hydrangea, Stocks, Nigella, Roses, Campanula Bells, Snap Dragons and Eustoma. Although Eucalyptus is sadly out of season at the moment, we have other gorgeous foliages fully stocked in buckets underneath.

All of our flowers are available per stem for you to pop in a vase at home or for us to arrange into a bunch or bouquet. Why not let us choose seasonal blooms for you?

Plant tip of the month

With summer officially here and warm days on the horizon, keep a close eye on the position of the sun. Move any window plants temporarily when the heat is intense to an indirect position- the perfect balance of soaking up rays without crisping those precious leaves.

You may also need to increase your watering schedule and definitely include dusting & spritzing on larger leaf plants. Always do a quick soil check to make sure this is completely dry before watering again!

House plants bring us all so much joy and excitement when a new leaf peeps through so be sure to keep them happy & looking their best. Check out our Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray for the best looking leaves!

What's happening in the garden?

The garden is the happiest place to be! This time of year there is so very much to enjoy with daily flower arrivals, colours galore and winged friends visiting. There are a few daily tips to follow for specific flowers in order to enjoy them for as long as possible:

- Sweetpeas: make sure you are picking the flowers every few days to promote additional flowering.

- Lavendar: the perfect time to cut for drying in a cool dark place. Be sure to choose newly opened flowers for the best scent.

- Summer perennials: cut back after flowering for a second flush.

- Summer bedding: feed, water and deadhead regularly in pots, borders and hanging baskets.

With lots to trim back, take a look at our secateurs- the perfect companion for the next few months!