Hello April!

April has arrived alongside lovely lighter evenings, small rays of sunshine and a buzz for the all the spring joys heading our way! Our flower table will continue to be full of beautiful pastel tones this month, in the shape of tulips, ranunculus, roses, delphiniums, eustoma and many more varieties! The end of April also brings the highly awaited beginning of peony season!

We've had a few new stock deliveries recently so if your looking for a little joy for yourself or a special something for another, then we may have the perfect thing! The new Salt + Steam range, our Wrendale Design's pieces and The Candle Company melts are our top picks this month.

Our little florist is always open Tuesday- Saturday, so pop in to catch up, enjoy the country music & maybe pick up a few of your fave blooms!

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Mini cards have arrived!

Our new Mini Cards have been loved by so many of you so far! The sweetest illustrations in a peitite size, ready to be filled with messages to friends & loved ones. Browse the full collection and choose your favorite!

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April Bouquet of the Month

Each month we bring together our favourite seasonal blooms in a gorgeous bouquet.

We are celebrating April with a pretty mix of soft peach tones, complimented with pinks, whites and pale blues. Our bouquet of the month features Roses, Eustoma, Delphiniums, Stocks, Wax Flower and Ranunculus. Complete with Eucalyptus and wrapped in our signature brown paper, aqua pack and presentation gift bag.

What's in Season?

Each month new flower species bloom and become the highlight of our flower table & our bouquet of the month. Our April flower table showcases Eustoma and Roses in an array of colours, alongside a selection of beautiful spring flowers. Tulips, Stocks and Ranunculus are all available in beautiful soft pastel tones and come the end of the month, the table will be stocked with Peonies! Eucalyptus and Ruscus are fully stocked in buckets underneath.

Why not let us choose seasonal blooms for you?

Plant tip of the month

As spring arrives, your house plants will start to wake up again and will require a little love. Keep an eye on the position of the sun, moving your plants as neccessary so they can catch some of those beautiful rays.

You may need to increase watering slightly as well as the tempature starts to incline- always do a quick soil check to make sure this is completely dry before watering again!

House plants bring us all so much joy and excitement when a new leaf peeps through so be sure to keep them happy & looking their best. Check out our Beautifying Leaf Shine Spray for the best looking leaves!

What's happening in the garden?

What a joy it has been to see those bright daffodils popping up and it won't be long before your garden lights up in beautiful colour as well. It's now time to sow hardy annuals and wildflowers into your borders. As well as sunflowers and sweet peas!

The grass will also require some attention this month as it's the perfect time to get the first cut in and lay grass seed in any gaps which need a little help.

The birds will be busy raising their little one's so be sure to top up bird baths and pop some bird seed out when possible. Take a look at our Wrendale Designs Bird Tin- the most stylish accessory!